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How much do we miss out on when our noses are buried in our phones? We created a campaign encouraging everyone to put the phone down and reconnect with the world around you. What company would be better to sponsor this other than a company dedicated to connection?


Coffee Shop

Use the t-mobile app to reserve a spot at our coffee shop reconnection point. Sit down and sip without your screen to enjoy a moment to reconnect with your companion. When it’s time for your reservation, your names will appear on the outside screen for the duration of your visit.

Food Truck

Found a foodie friend to connect with? Visit our food truck, Off the Griddle, for delicious eats that spark conversation. You are encouraged to put your phone in one of the secure charging stations while you eat so that you can sit back and smell the griddle.



A magazine with articles, journals, tips and more on ways to unplug and unwind. To be sent out semi annually.

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