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21 Grams
change your fate

21 grams

The survival rate of skin cancer is around 91% for White people. The survival rate of skin cancer for People of Color is 65%. Why? Two reasons: Lack of awareness on the possibility of skin cancer on People of Color and Lack of representation when it comes to skin cancer prevention. This leads POC to not trust the medical community and provides less access to the resources they need.

The ask

Develop an idea that raises awareness of skin cancer, specifically melanoma, in people of color around the globe.

the solution

Create awareness through a traditional OOH and social campaign around the issue of melanoma. Then we will change perception and behavior by creating UnFated, an app that will help to build trust, educate, monitor, let you talk to others, and provide resources. POC can be educated, feel empowered, and inspire others to bring attention to skin cancer on darker skin.

the concept

Don’t leave your life to chance.
Fate is an illusion. You have the power to prevent melanoma.


To visually represent changing ones fate, we designed print ads influenced by palmistry, tarot cards and astrology. The visuals draw the viewer in and is paired with copy that educates them, because ignorance is malignant. Lastly, our CTA directs the viewer to download our UnFated app in the app store for further information.

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